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Young Girl Died for 23Hours, Shown Heaven & Hell

Angelica Zambrano - Dead For 23hours, Taken To Heaven & Hell, Sent Back With A Message

For a period of 23 hours, a young Ecuadorian girl named Angelica was shown the Kingdoms of Heaven and Hell, and the Return of Christ. She witnessed Jesus weeping as He overlooked multitudes of souls lost forever, a world that has rejected Him, a Church that is mostly unprepared for Him, a people that have stopped witnessing to the lost, and an entertainment industry that even lures children to Satan.

She also saw Michael Jackson in hell, she saw Selena Quintanilla Perez in hell, and Pope John Paul II in hell. The Latina singer Selena Quintanilla Perez in hell told her to tell the people on earth not to listen to or sing her songs. Angelica was also shown how the Kingdom of Heaven is all wonderfully prepared and ready, an unimaginable glorious place, where no evil exists. Though Jesus is ONLY coming back for a Holy People, and many of God's children will NOT be ready on that day, and will be left behind in a world that will fall apart.

What did you think of Angelica Zambrano's story,
leave your comment below & let's discuss! 

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We are witnessing the divine metaphysics at work where the spirit and matter are now finally and undeniably one. I must say this article is very eye and ear opening.

Thanks and have a good weekend.
but why is selena in hell i saw her nice what did she do wrong?
wait a minute ,is this for real or w@.somebody xplain to me kinda confused
When I first hear someone read this it was at church when I sat and listened to this story, I began to get the mentality taht it's fake, so I tuned out a little bit. As the story go more interesting I tuned back in and began to hear about how she went to heaven & hell, that kinda scared me just a little bit, but this a tremendous story, it can open a lot of eyes and hearts and cause people to pour out to Gpd, and also to surrender.
u know if ur family with selena thats mean okay u guess really got to chill u shall not judge a past on soul and u said it urself she said lord forgive i am a sinner god has to atleast help u but u know what i dont know atleast i am not judging because i dont know so u really should u know shhhhhhhh and stop talking because no one knows how that really is
Someone told me this story, but at first i did not beleive on what they are talking about. when my sisters confirm about this real story. i was very interested and search it in the internet...i read the story...and it really helps me to think all my sins on enlightened my mind to do repentance, forgave those who have sinned, and to do what is good and avoid what is evil. PRAISE BE TO GOD AND GLORIFY HIS NAME.AMEN
OMG wow thatz just sadd'
Hell is real and heaven is real people. Repent for he is coming SOON. This experience says it all. I have to also put myself together because he that thinketh he standeth should take heed lest he fall. The Lord also had shown me Micheal Jackson in Hell. Lord help us all to live right in Jesus name. Help your people. Help me.
It doesn't matter if you are a good person, if you don't seek God and do his will you will not enter Gods kingdom. The bible doesn't say if your a good person you get to go to heaven and if you believe that then satan is lieing to you right now, Jesus would have died in vain if that were true and we wouldn't need the bible, Selena wasn't doing Gods will so she is in hell along with the other good people who don't seek God and except Jesus as lord and savior.
I can believe this story cause I know God is real and that theres definitly a Heaven and Hell and God is coming soon and very soon So we all need to repent and ask God for his forgiveness. Do you want to be in Hell? or do you want to go to HEAVEN? I know I want to go to HEAVEN and I hope everyone can make it. In Jesus name I pray Amen.
:'( why is selena there ? seen and heard only the most greatest, heartful things about her ? I idolise her.. And michael jackson :( do i go to hell for idolising him not knowing he selled his soul to the devil? Or worse :o! My brother, whose gay, goes to hell :( i love my brother, i wuldnt hav him any other way... Do i go to hell for doing the 'deed' before marriage ? Im only seventeen :( is it my fault i wasn't born into a christian family? That i don't know how to pray? That i have never read the bible ? Am i going to go to hell because i'm not perfect ? :( ...
This story is very intriguing I believe every bit of it at times I had doubt myself about hell from reading this amazing story I now know hell is REAL and I know exactly what to do to stay away from HELL. My goal is to go to heaven and see my wonderful Christ I love you God and thank you for using Angelica to spread your words you are truely an AWESOME GOD:-)!!!
Blew my mind.. I also grew up w Selena all
My life.. I thouggt she was a great women.. If she asked us to stop listening.. Then i shall never sing or mention her agien.. The part bout worshippin virgin Mary.. Ive always agreed she was only used for a purpose.. I believe God an only God should be Praised. I love u Lord.. Plz forgive my sins.. My life will change as of when i read the artical.. Its a message sent directly from you.. I have no douts, an little fear.. Bless us. All
repent ,My name is John,he who's sandals I am un worthy to unlatch is coming.make strait the way the coming of the lord
If God is real, then why would he give her that power to see heaven and hell but not all to see heaven and hell. You guys say God is fair. He cant show one and not all, especially his own. If people say, if you see God you will die. Its like for example one person seeing God and not dying cause of his bright lights. But then another person seems him and does not die. Get what im trying to say? I dont believe in The bible and im just saying this from your aspects, bu you guys aren't thinking straight.and if hes the only one whos to know who goes where, then how could she know. It might have just been a dream that she finds surreal. Its like when people say they've been taken by Aliens. Its all in their heads.
This story really open my eyes. & Its makes sense with the singers and everything growing up my parents would never let me listen to the radio because they always told me it was the devils music.
What a crock of shit. You're such a mean and spiteful person desprate for attention that you cant respect good and talented people that passed away. And what makes you so divine that YOU go to heaven? Did you donate millions of dollars to homeless and sick children like michael did? The only ones that are going to hell are all in prison. I think you need some antipsychotic meds ASAP
and another thing....why the hell would God give people the gift of music if it was sinful?
here you go you need to read these near death experiances it dosnt matter whether you're black white christian athiest gay straight whatever they all say everyone goes to the same dosnt matter what your religion is what matters is where you stand spiritually, if you're ok with yourself and your conscience is clear.
it makes someone to turn away from their sinful ways and start a new way of living.
i don't understand why selena went to hell she waz so kind, what did she do so wrong to deserve something like that,that just makes feel bad for myself
i don't understand why selena went to hell she was so nice ,and kind it just makes me feel bad for myself. . . .
This is a big fat lie! Noone in this world has the power to see heaven and hell except for the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saww).
However it is possible for people to die and come back alive but seeing heaven and hell and people in heaven and hell is fake and fiction! Come to your senses you all!
Its 12:08 and i just finished reading this testimony im a 19 year old male from F.W Texas 1.For all of u who say this is fake u hv no way of knowing since its her experience but i tell you this there is a heaven and a hell and you choose your own path
well angelica i think this is a good example well god gave us talent to use for his will or spread his word like sing christian song hah thanks for spreading his word so that all people would know that hell is real so they can repent from their sin....and also im a girl who believe in jesus....when i read your article it bring light and courage to me me and all mah youth and family learn alot from it...thank you so muchhhh may god bless you and the rest of the family
As i read this story a story in the bible comes to mind ..the parable of the rich man nd the poor man Lazarus...when they both died one went to hell nd one to heaven... The rich man pleaded with God to have him go back to preach to his family...My point is that a person is not saved by their deeds They are saved by confessing thier sins n accepting Jesus Christ into our lives..n living as an example for of his love n footprints..Why worry if Micheal Jackson n Selena are in Hell lets worry bout our souls...Lets do all we need to do to make it to Heaven!!
If Selena did not confess with her mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in heart that He was raised from the dead she is in hell because without true repentance and putting our trust in faith in Christ is the only way into heaven we are all headed to hell. However God does not want anyone to go to hell which is why Jesus came so that He could die for the sins of the world, but it is our choice to accept or reject the love of God in Christ Jesus.
Even after many warnings sent by God to tell us to repent and serve him, We still reject the truth. I can see why the parable of the rich man who wanted to warn his brothers about hell is true because the truth is still rejected. God can use anything as simple as rocks to get his message across or our attention. I read some of these comments and nobody wants to hear of Selena,Micheal Jackson or the Pope being in hell but Enter in at the narrow gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leads to destruction, and many there be who go in there:
Matthew 7:13 Read what the word says. Many Many will end up in hell. Some Great and Some small but one thing to remember is make sure your name is written in the Lambs Book of Life. That's the key to everlasting peace and being with Jesus Christ our Savior for all eternity. Amen
ok calm down people here is what i think?ok i need u all to know that hell is real ok heaven is real u people do things that yall think are not wrong when it wil get u in hell my advice to u all is stop listening to nicki minaj,lil kim, lilwayne, 50cent,i hope u know when u listen to one of mj songs he burns more please people learn to forgive learn to love toehr as your kind cuz this life is too short
Stupid people if she was Satan messenger she wouldn't Have mentioned heaven @ for us to repent cause the devil doesn't like prayers so take warning @ serve the lord
People need to understand that the music industry uses a lot of symbols and words that give off the fact that they have sold their soul to the devil. Many have said it and will admit to it. They try to manipulate and control our minds with out us even knowing. People need to know that Satan (before he was vanished from heaven and sent to the underworld) was the angel of music. So what a coincident that a lot of famous people have gone to hell don't cha think?! Take a look at this web site*** the vigilant citizen*** It goes into detail on what we don't pay close attention. Many will think oh another illuminaty believer. Is not so much that Im a believer but it just makes perfect sense. Im not catholic nor christian just a believer in God and I am trying to get on the right path. Many need to get closer to God cause like Angelica said he will be COMING SOON!!! Believe that heaven and hell do exist and its not a lie. To all those that Believe amen to you those who don't I will keep you in my prayers. May the Lord be with you and your family Blessed Be!!!
Let's face it people,if you haven't accepted Jesus Christ as your lord and savior and don't repent of your sins then it's a good possibility that your going to hell. the lord is waiting for you to give your life to him he loves us very much he pulls on people but alot of people want to do things the way they want to do it you have to let go and let God have his way, you can be the nicest person in the world but if you are not serving God and doing his will there is a such place called hell,God doesn't lie and i believe this video to the fullest many famous people go there, you can't worship two Gods.
gifts and caliings are without repentence God can give you a gift but it's up to you to use it the right way he wants you to sing for him praising and worshipping him everyone has a gift and everyone has free will but we also have the book of life the bible with our complete instructions in it some written in a mystery it is up to you how you want to use it.
For the record she was with Jesus not the father God, Jesus is the son a reflection of the father in matthew it says if you see the son then you see the father Jesus is our lord and saviour we can't go to the father without going to the son first Gods going to say who are you and he's going to ask his son do you know of he and if he say no he's going to say get away from me you worker of inequity
i hear all what u saying but some of us dont know the whole story,if we can also see the story but its blocked for us new blockers.Because we dont believe u can die go to hell and haven on the same time.God love us all and wont send any one to hell.
U all really need to read the bible and get right with Jesus Christ before its too late. Yes its a sad shame to hear about famous people who died and gone to hell. Think about it, has Selena Perez or Micheal Jackson ever sang about the Lord Jesus? Absolutely not! The Gospel is spread every where and its up to us to either accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior or u reject him. The choice is up to us. Selena and Micheal Jackson had that choice when they were alive but sadly they both rejected Jesus and now they are forever lost. Its too too late for them!
This is why you should not be a fanatic! This little girl should stop using drugs...
I think it's pretty convenient that in Hell, she meets two cultural pop icons. I think it's also convenient that one of these icons happens to appeal directly to whom this article is targeted; young, Hispanic Catholics. Young people read, and by into this garbage--because they don't know any better. I don't believe in Hell, but I do think a terrible fate awaits people who scare others into believing in nonsense.
Hey its not your fault that you havent been taught the word of God but its not too late either. I dont hate gay people but it is a sin. God hates the sin not the sinner. I you repent of your sins and truelly turn ur ways and ask God to come into ur life and heart he will help u and enlighten so u can know right from wrong. Please think about this and think of where u want to end up... God bless u.
I believe that Jesus is real and that it says that those who do not believe in him and accept will be left on earth when the world ends and that's not good cuze when the world end that will be tribulation day and there will be disasters evry day so u may believe that these icons are suppose to be good and R to live in heaven but God doesn't care about your good works he cares about what you do on earth to serv him and if u accept him
Selena didnt live to worship our one n only savior jesus christ there for she is in hell along with all those that ddnt do gods will. just bkus her music was good doesnt mean she is going to heaven god created this worldfor his people to wrship him n follow his foot steps. there for the people that dnt do the ill of god are sent to live a horrifyinh after life/death. so stop thinking that the people that seem to b doing good in this world are going to heaven kus its only wen u seek god n follow his path everyday of ur life ul b in heaven.! ull c it ur self if u dnt repent..
Selena didnt live to worship our one n only savior jesus christ there for she is in hell along with all those that ddnt do gods will. just bkus her music was good doesnt mean she is going to heaven god created this worldfor his people to wrship him n follow his foot steps. there for the people that dnt do the ill of god are sent to live a horrifyinh after life/death. so stop thinking that the people that seem to b doing good in this world are going to heaven kus its only wen u seek god n follow his path everyday of ur life ul b in heaven.! ull c it ur self if u dnt repent..
believe it or not selena is in hell just because her music wasnt hurtful and stuff she didnt follow gods word and thats what she is trying to tell everyone the only thing SELENA did was sing sing sing and sing of course she may have been good but she didnt follow god all she cared about was singing and how it made her feel why didnt she ever talk about jesus at one of her conerts or praise him to her audience ....why cuz all she cared about was the people idolizing her i love selena i grew up with her too what angelica is doing is opening our EYES...IT may seem like a lie but the entertainment industry is bad THE WORLD HASNT CHANGED ITS THE PEOPLE THAT HAVE CHANGED ! HER MESSSAGE TO US IS REPENT AND FORGIVE AND CHANGE OUR SINFUL LIFE CUZ THATS WHAT JESUS DID HE DIED FOR OURS SIN LETS NOT REJECT HIM HE IS HERE TO SAVE US :) :) :)
ohhh i believe in God and i feel sad for everyone who do not believe in God
I love those people micheal Jackson, Selena , and the pope... It breaks my heart to kno that they are in that horrible horrible place. I don't kno god judges the heart we will be extremely shocked who makes it to heaven, those who we counted out will be there . Who knos Selena, micheal Jackson, the pope ..I don't kno I kno I wanna make it in Jesus give me the strength to endure
Heaven is real and so hell is,guys lets open our eyes,this is a very inspiring story and i 100% believe it,thank u Angelica ,am blessed:)
Heaven is real and so hell is,guys lets open our eyes,dont undermine things.i 100% fully believe this story.thank you Angelica i'm blessed:)
Jesus is the only way into Heaven. Not good works, not being nice...nothing else will do it. God put us here to spread His word throughout the generations and to the masses. Jesus did not choose Angelica because she was any better than any of us, but because she was willing to submit herself to Him and follow. Many peoples lives are too filled with partying and over working to see that God may be trying to reach out to you to show you He is real. Seek God daily. I guarantee you will see things differently. Put God in charge of your finances, job, relationships, your overall life. Your life will be transformed. Then you can understand what it is to live in Gods will. Its not easy you will make mistakes, but every day take small steps to turn away from worldliness and He will know you bc you spend your days serving Him and spreading His world. God loves us. But the question is how much do you love Him? Do you love Him enough to turn off certain music and shows? Small things that society make normal are used to sabotage us into beliving certain things are ok that are not. Dont be fooled. We are all in this together. I want to see you all in heaven so lets start today! Jesus is the way. I love you all. Be blessed :)
If she is technically dead for 23 hours? then her brain, should have been been in very serious damage, sounds like hoax to me, her dying for 23 hours i mean. It could be, her heartbeat and pulse are so weak that it was mistaken her being dead, maybe shes just hibernating for 23 hours. Just think about it...
Selena is actually in Hell. I know its hard to believe that because she was such a nice person here on earth. I didnt wanna believe this at first but i know its the truth. Its been 17 years theres nothing we can do to bring her back. But i advise u ro to listening to her music. God Bless You All
Its not what the truth is! LORD JESUS, is the truth. It says in JOHN16:4, JESUS said,"I am the way, the TRUTH, and the life, and no man cometh unto the FATHER, but by me!!!!! Thank you, JESUS!!!!! Thank you FATHER GOD, for our lord and savior, JESUS CHRIST. Your only begotten son, that you gave to this world, to die on the cross for us, to save us from our sins.
This is a very disturbing and unsettling representation of our Father with many inaccuracy. Please note Luke 16:28 For I have five brethren that he may testify unto them lest they also come into this place of torment 29 Abraham saith unto him They have Moses and the prophets let them hear them 30 And he said Nay father Abraham but if one went unto them from the dead they will repent 31 And he said unto him If they hear not Moses and the prophets neither will they be persuaded though one rose from the dead.
(Jesus has not changed His mind Malachi 3:6 I the LORD do not change ) pleases stop this and take it down, If demons are playing with your head and making you think things contrary to the Word of God don’t believe it rebuke and resist them in Jesus name and they will flee, believe the Word and seek Him in Spirit and truth don’t ask for a sign ask for LOVE.
And remember it is the goodness of God that causes men to repent not fear,fear is a tool of the devil don’t be used.
Love Brother Justin W. McCafferty
Why is Selena in hell? i always thought she was in heaven, but shes in hell. i dont get it at all. she was such a nice beautiful woman....
I just want to comment with my experience.
Some years ago I decided to go to a shop for a strong planned litigation. This is something that I usually DO NOT do.
The shop was closed. I started going around in the town for waiting the opening of the shop and a sort of strange force made me go into a church. I stayed there for few minutes, then the same strange force conducted me in front of a poster far from the exit path. Various messages were written, the largest was: "Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth." . I was extremely impressed. It never happened before. Later the shop was open and I changed to a more peaceful approach. I was so impressed that I returned to the church the next day to read more, but the poster was not there. These events that happened to me are absolutely real.
....These comments all sound like those of ignorant, fervent Christians; the kind that are hypocrites and use religion for anything but good. I had a dream I was fighting Satan along side Jesus, does that mean it was divine? was a dream.
Your trippin. Who cares if micheal gave away money to the homless people. The only reason that fake had money is becuz he sold his soul to satan, he was an illuminati member. He was a fake, he was in a demon. You dont gotta hate on her testemony atleast shes trying to save ppl to go to heaven. Money is the greed to all evil, God over money anyday Hater
Repent for as long as you are breathing you have a chance to accept God in your heart And Jesus Christ as your saviour. God is great!!! God bless you all and forgive everyone :)
.i believe in angelica's testimony. .i've read all the comments here some say's that angelica is lying. .i think she's not juz think about this y angelica telling this story about heaven in hell if it is not true. .watch ur mouth. . God sent him back for the sake of God's peaople.. if u are a God people then u should believe this. .if not maybe ur a believer of satan!!
Where can i read the whole story at
I thought jesus died for our sins ...sins that hadnt even been commited yet y do i have to get judged if my sins were already paid for ....i dont go to church but i try an pray every night dnt even kn if i pray right. do i still go to is trying not good enough....
well i surely believe that there is after life and that every one should give there life to christ and not to go down in that pit of burning fire
Im a 26 year old female in texas, its really sad of what angelica said of what she saw. I really do believe in god than anything more else and i do believe that sooner or later we will all die of somekind of thing. It depends an how people choose to leave their lifes and i know for a fact that if we do something wrong it will come back to us.One thing that i can say is that i love god very much he gaved me life, and what ive always have in my mind is that when i die, i will know were im going if its to heaven or hell of the fact of person that ive been so far. Its like knowing the truth at end
my god bless us all
Selena is not in hell! If she was, she wouldn't be sending back messages! If its in hell than it would be something evil from hell and message from hell. More than likely a lie! Do not believe something from hell! So that is not Selena! Remember the saying ,, ... He who believes in Me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in Me will never die. ... I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish.
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
No you don't go to hell for not being perfect. God doesn't expect us to be perfect, he just wants us to do our best to be leaders. If you did the deed before marriage, Which is a sin. Repent. When we repent we ask for forgiveness. When you repent God immediately forgets about that sin and the sin is uplifted for your name. Just make sure before you leave this earth you have God in your life and have repented your sins. We cannot get into heaven without jesus christ himself. Even as a christian we make mistakes and sin. I'm 14 and I sin and then I feel guilty about it. So I pray to the lord to forgive me. To sin is to disobey the 10 commandments. If you aren't sure what they are search them online. Please I don't want anyone to go through pain. It hurts to know people you love are going through pain. The lord says to forgive. You can't get into heaven without forgiving . Because christ has forgave us for all our sins but we can't do the same. Not forgiving can lead up to hatred andenvy which is not pure for the lord. Please I beg tell and help everyone you could.
Living is like making an endless movie all together. Souls are like editing software, you do not delete it from your computer, and you reuse it with new data. Dangerous or viral software, capable of destroying the system, is soon recognized by your antivirus and quarantined forever (till the next reinstallation of the operating system). It is that simple.
God is the creator of all things whether you believe it or not it is your choice. He does whatever he chooses, but think about this for a moment what direction do you see the world going in. Everywhere there is an absence of God there is a presence of evil. Case and point prayer was taken from schools how many incidents have there been since then research how many there were before. Preachers dont preach anymore they bring feel good messages because uptight christians dont tithe so well. When that is a commandment from God. For the person the made the comment about the prophet muhumand if you check his tomb he is probably still in it. My God is in Heaven so that that dog wont hunt.No one is perfect but that is not what is expected only that you repent and do your very best to be obedient after you have receive Yeshua as your Lord and savior because he is the key.
I think people should really open their bible and compare this girls lies with the bible and they will see that this girls story is full of lies 1 God or Jesus does not say please to anyone ever 2 demons in hell are not having a good time hell was made for satan and his followers not us so they aren't laughing and having a good time torturing people in hell they are tormented themselves it also makes it very clear in the bible that once you are in hell you cannot get out 3 in the story of the rich man and the poor man the rich man begged god to let him warn his family and God said NO if they don't believe the prophets and the word of God they aren't going to believe the dead 4 you can be saved after the rapture you can still go to heaven just read the book of revelation 5 children in hell? there is an age of understanding which God knows 6 what can the devil get out of this well this story has put alot of doubts in christians and made them think they aren't christian enough he makes himself look like he is happy and king in hell 7 there is a warning at the end of the bible to not add or subtract from the bible and this girl added and subtracted from heaven hell and add an s to the book of revelation I think this girl is just trying to make money do not believe this girl the bible tells us to beware of false prophets so honestly this girl is a liar yes there is a hell and heaven and the bible gives us all we need to know about both places don't fall for this nonsense God bless
Wow people, I cant believe what most of you are writing. This is all very simple. Lord jesus christ had a reason to create a bible, the bible is more than just the word of jesus himself. Its also a guide, a guide that explains to you how to live your life in the right direction to construct a path leading the way for our lord and savior jesus christ. None of us are perfect and wont ever be perfect. But the bible also shows you how to try keep yourself from sining. It also says that if you accept him as the lord and savior and repent from all your sins you will be saved, he will erase all of what you have done in the past. This life all depends on how you chose to live it. People there is a heaven and there is a hell, theire is a jesus and there is a devil. You chose to live how you want to live your life. Just remember, if you believe he died for us and is our savior, you will open up to an amazing relationship to this man who loves us all, remember its not just him who will save us all, we have to save ourselves first. The devils greatest trick was to make manking think he doesent exist, god didnt grant him power to rule on planet earth to physically harm human life but he could only influence. Accept jesus now and repent, change your habits and devote your lives to him before he says "its late, its too late for you to repent" god bless you all
What she is saying makes me said. Living in the world we as people already go thru so many tribulations in our life time. I may self believe in Jesus. However, I don't think believing in Jesus makes us any less of a sinner. As a Christian I still have temptations. Even Christians get angry and say things that hurt others. Their is no prefect person. The only hope we have is salvation. We got to hope that is enough. This girl makes it appear that their is no hope even with salvation. Especially when she talks about babies dieing and going to Hell. They would not be old enough to even choose Jesus. I have to believe he is more merciful than what this girl says. I have seen people sin all their lives in different ways just because their human and alot of it is their pain being transfered to others and others transfering pain back because everyone wants love but no one in this would can love like Jesus is suppose to love us. So please I wish she didn't say these things. It's almost like taking the only hope we have away from us and for example who wants to see their baby in hell. Also, everyone quit wishing for the last days. Do you want to be in the tribulation? Because I am a post tribulationist but also knows God can make anything possible. However, if you look how it was in Christ time look what the saints went thru. Do you think you can go thru what the saints went thru? Why not just pray that Jesus will be there for you when you die. That your loved ones are healthy. For peace and happiness in your life?
idk? if its true or she is doing it just for fame..
God is Good all the time.
Pretty funny how this little girls talk about seeing Salina and supposedly told her to go tell her people not to listen to her song but when she saw Michael Jackson he didn’t tell her that. If ur saying about Saline then u should say same thing about Michael Jackson but you didn’t. to me this all lie and ur hattin on her cuz she’s still making money and peple are still listening to her beautiful music . Leave Salina alone and move on with ur life. God forgive these dum ass people for talking shit about Salina. We dnt know who is in heaven or hell till we get there Dum ass people. People like this make me sick. Sad hatten on somebody that’s dead may her body rip. She’s in HEAVEN
Still yet she's in hell. . .& your points dont matter! Sthu already!
I am not Catholic AT ALL! I DON'T BELONG TO ANY RELIGION! ---BUT..... I refuse to think that POPE JOHN PAUL is in hell! He had a soul of pure humility! In fact, He was a man that I loved to watch and seE. Before he died, I was only a teenager- - a very out of control rebellious teen too. WHEN I SAW HIM, I WOULD FEEL A LOT OF PEACE AND A SENSE OF REASSURANCE! IT WAS REALLY STRANGE!I REALLY MISS THAT MAN!
God i pray for all these. People as they preach your holy. name and they are all obviously embarrassed. Other wise they all wouldn't go anonymous
Selena never asked for forgiveness, or she did not forgive her killer
Well people I fell it my duty to tell you young people that you better believe what this young lady is warning us all about. I won't tell you'll how old I am, this is the third warning we have gotten. And I think this one is the last one. If you don't believe angelica, Be fore we had computer and internet a company was drilling in Siberia about seven mile dip and the sounds heard scared the hell out of them. search the internet for sounds from hell. some people say it fake but you be the judge. There nowhere on earth you can fine a multitude of people in that number gasping of teeth. 1980 was the last time long before u-tube. Listen to it and pass it on, because ten thousand peoples are going to hell everyday
I believe this is real. Serve Jesus, or go to Hell. It's simple enough. It's fun serving Jesus. It's challenging killing the flesh. All other religions are satan. Check out my website, for more information.
Good day! I can see the fact that you really get the sense of what you are telling about here. Do you a degree or an education which is somehow associated with the topic of your entry? Can't wait to hear from you.
The testimony sounds genuine... but is Angelica a catholic? This I hope and pray she is.. I'm not saying you have to be catholic inorder to have revelations because in my knowledge you do not, but I am part of what I believe to be the one true faith(the catholic faith). I believe Angelica is a testimony to the warning Christ wishes man kind to understand and that is the very existance of Hell. The warning we recieve from Christs messages to her should be taken seriously.. Although I doubt John Paul the second is in hell... but who is to know but God alone.
I feel like this is BS, why are those people their, I want to know the truth, I thought only atheist, wicked, evil people entered in such place, I wish someone or somebody can tell me the truth, the full truth.
Don't be deceived and see this article as a joke. This is for real, when my grandfather passed away I was shown the truth. On the other side of the grave there really is a Heaven and Hell. Jesus and Mary were really on this planet. Repent, I am telling you that what is on the other side of the grave is the scariest thing you could ever imagine. Once you stop sinning your soul gets disconnected from the antichrist system. The demons do not want you to free your soul. If you free your soul from the systems conditioning you have a shot at heaven. The demons of the flesh do not want this and will fight to keep your soul under Satan's rulership. Why do you think everyone is cursing, its cause they are already under his control.
Get right with Jesus because what is on the other side of the mausoleum, it is the scariest thing you could ever imagine. Do not let Satan have your soul, fight for it. Go back to those you wronged, repent of all sin, remove all evil from your life. If you dont, you will be sent to Hell. Hell is very HARD to avoid but do all you can while your alive to avoid it. Forget living it up here. Fight!!! the torment is unimaginable. Fight for your soul each day. The demons operate though the systems mind conditioning. Fight to break free, stop sinning.
They are powers of darkness, they rule the governments. They were around when Jesus was on earth. They are demons of the flesh. They operate through pride, lust, envy. They are not fake and they will wreck your life if you PRACTICE SIN. Go through demonic deliverance, cast them out by name "demon of anger leave in Jesus name. There is no freedom without Jesus. Jesus died to give you the ability to REMOVE those demons from your body. When I came to this realization I was shocked. This is real people, as much as you may not believe it.........I am telling you this is real. Your soul is with Satan, you better FIGHT to get it back. Because once you die, you do not want to end up in Hell.
The system is fake, your TV is fake, your hospitals are fake. JESUS runs the whole show. Get right with God, get your soul out of Satan's not follow the ways of this world. This world is on their way to HELL full speed ahead. Repent and stop sinning be 100% holy or you will end up in Hell when you die. This is not a joke, this is the sad reality. These demons have no mercy, they are of the flesh, if you sin then these demons have access to you.
Like the article said there will be some that believe and others wont. There will be people that puts the person down that held the testimony. Who are we to say that this isnt true. Because it is. If Jehovah decides to show us the truth and wants. to save our soul he will use an individual to testify on this.
people need to wake up its not if your a good person and were not its if your walking faithfully with the Lord. And yes you have the choice to believe someones testimony or not. thats not for you to judge just God in heaven and I'm sure they know the concequences in lying to instead of bashing her believe or not at the end of the day its our choice if we want to believe in OUR LORD ALMIGHTY!
First of all NO ONE is good except for God himself. You are not "good" just because u didnt decide to kill someone or gave a small fraction of your money away. Jesus clearly said we needed to BELIEVE in him if we wanted to get to the father. plus, if Mohammed can see heaven why cant anyone else?
dont be foolish. Open your eyes.
With the lords in our hearts, we can show gods love that changes others.
Foolishness. Selena's not in hell, and Michael's not in hell. This is very silly
Selena sang bad songs that God did not like. "The devil's music"
God also wants us to use correct grammer.
Selena was a great woman but no one knew her heart truly, no one really knows anybody but the Lord above. For the person that said she was doing God's work, that is incorrect! By doing God's work is done by spreading the good news of the Lord and winning souls for Jesus. The person who said IF God is real, please fine Jesus soon, Yes, He is real, He is such a wonderful almighty God and He is the creator of all things, the beginning and the end, the Alfa and the Omega. You must know that there is Heaven and there is Hell and this life we live today in this shell of a body is just temporary, our soul lives on and the decisions we make here on earth will dictate where we spend our eternal life at. God is real and He does allow certain people to see certain things and come back and tell society. All I'm saying is that we cant stick our head in the sand and act like nothing happens after death then wake up in a place that we wont be able to escape from like hell.
Jahovah Witness do not believe that Jesus is the son of God, they believe He was a great profit. The bible says, that Jesus is the son of God and the Holy Trinity consists of The Father, The Son and The Holy spirit and ONLY through Jesus Christ you are saved!
my name is michael i really want to share my testimony on how i became an Illuminati member, through my friend. i was moving with my friend for more than 10 years and he have been getting rich everyday and even giving me money but he never told me the secret of his success until a day i was frustrated to let him know that he should help me also that was when he open up to me and tell me that he was a member of the Illuminati that he have been in the court for more than 10 years that his riches and protection came from this i told him to let me be into the court but it not an easy task to be a member but i was finally initiated into the devil church of the Illuminati and i was confirm in there church. after a month of being a member of Illuminati i got promotion that same month in my working place and within a year i was promoted thrice in my working place to the extend of being a managing Director i never know how to thank this church of Illuminati and today am rich as my friend also, and also the one that surprise me most was that i got an accident with my new car and the car was right off but i still survive the accident and nothing happen to me i really thank you people Illuminati. so i just want to share to the world that this is real and it have help me and work for me so if you want to become a member i can lead you into the court of richness and you will never be poor again, know that it only a member in the Illuminati that can initiate you into the church of illumination they do not contact directly because they are fake Illuminati all over the world, this is my email they will tell you how to join,
I don't believe Selena is getting tortured more in Hell if you listen or sing her music and if she is that's her fault not mine so I don't believe people will go to Hell for listening to her music or singing her music.
Thank you Jesus for being always there for me AND being my best friend <3
Its fake something for people to believe in ...we that believe in christ will be saved this story is just that a story !!!!!!
this body we have this psychical earthly body is temporary...can't you all see it's not just angelica who's had this in counter with hell various other people have, and all of there stories relate to one another. People tend to be dilutted by this world and of the worldy things, but think about it for a second what happens after just sleep for eternity? wake up people the spirit is at war...turn away from satan and find jesus and REPENT REPENT REPENT REPENT as soon as you think of lust sin whatever it isREPENT REPENT REPENT, put jesus into your your souls from eternal damnation before it is too late....burning in hell? whether you believe it or not what do you have to lose? giving your life to jesus and being saved or taking a chance and living for the world and in death you can't come back to warn your family and friends that hell actually does exist read your bible and and put jesus into your hearts.
Because you are Jehovah witness will not get u to heaven, Because u attend meetings will no get you to Heaven,, what will get you to Heaven is being born again and living Christ like, Jesus is the only way to Heaven, Mary want get you to Heaven.
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